Montessori Teaching



Follow the child: The most important principle for any age.

Individualize learning for your unique child's needs and interests. In Montessori, this is done by observing the child to see what the child's interests are by respecting and honoring those needs and interests.
Respect and encourage the child's mind , absorbent mind and sensitive periods.

Allow the child the freedom to explore indoors and outdoors, as long as the child is safe and using freedom in a positive manner. "Independence and self directed learning are important concepts and goals of Montessori" Give the child as many opportunities for hands on learning as possible. It is important that you introduce hands on experiences before teaching abstract concepts. Emphasize practical life and sensorial activities in the preschool years.

e.g Care of self , care of the environment, control and movement and grace and Courtesy help the child develop order, concentration, Coordination and independence. Activities to refine the senses give preparation for later academic learning.
Don't interrupt a child's work cycle. Let them develop an over increasing ability to concentrate.

Have the child's environment as orderly and attractive as possible.

Demonstrate how to do an activity.
When you introducing an activity, check that one quality is isolated (for example, it helps if only the color and not shape varies, if you are introducing the child to colors) and there is a control of error whatever possible.




Our Typical Day includes:

Centre Time
We encourage play with dough, blocks, creative art and puzzles to enhance Self Direction, Choice, Fine Motor Skills, Problem Solving & Imagination.

Story Time
We read and share stories with picture observation . help discover storylines improving Listening Skills, Observation, Attention, Language & Literacy.

Table Time
We teach children to write their names, letters & numbers as well as share thoughts and ideas with each other to promote Cognitive Skills & Sharing.

Arts &Craft
We encourage creative & imaginative arts and crafts arts and craft  projects to tune Fine Motor Skills & Creative Expression.

Outside Play
We provide an extended outdoor play area . help build Motor Skills, Movement & Socializing.

Circle Music Time
This features both active and quiet songs (even in French), finger plays and instruments. develop Unity,Movement,Memory & Expression.

Snack and Lunch Time
Children enjoy snacks & lunch while learning table manners and developing social skills through communication with each other.